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Coyle Family April 2020 Newsletter

I continue to celebrate the publishing and sales of my book: Jesus Descended to Hell So You Would Not Have To: Unlocking the Centuries-Old Easter Mystery, One Sacrifice in Two Events--Blood and Fire! The encouragement and support of friends and family have been a joy as well as having a six-year project done. It feels so good. Last week Bethany taught me Instagram! I got my jacket and tie on and made nine promotional videos for the book. This week I almost finished our website but I have reached another milestone to the delight of my children, the production and publishing of my first YouTube video!  You can see it here: 

       The video is 7 minutes long and is the first of a series titled "He Descended To Hell." The subtitle is "It is finished."  You have heard perhaps that this last phrase of Christ mean that the plan of redemption was all accomplished on the cross, even though Jesus had yet to rise from the dead. I discuss that this one of two verses negates any reason for Jesus to descend to hell.  The second video will deal with the other misunderstood and mistranslated scripture "Truly I say to you today, you will be with Me in Paradise." (Luke 23:43)


In Guatemala, Dr. Amy is working a 24hour shift every three days. They have had 3 Coronavirus patients who are sent to the capital immediately. They feel safe except for the 90-degree temperatures and no air conditioning. They are loving the Latin American foods like guacamole, tacos, and frijoles!  They are pictured above having climbed a local mountain.


Bethany is home here in Va. Beach and I am so happy with her cooking and company. She is spending time studying how to become a digital marketer and has gotten some brilliant ideas. Now she has me creating a book advertisement on FaceBook! She is pictured here teaching me Instagram.


Her assisted living home is in quarantine so we do not get to see each other four times per week as usual. I can't get in, she can't get out, so we visit on facetime like four times per day. She likes to talk to friends and is getting better at using her iPad. Amanda despite her circumstances remains cheerful, no depression, and has been a joy to be with for many months now. This is quite a delight to my soul. Please pray with me that this two-year separation can come to an end. Her mental cognizance test, her third only showed slight improvement. 


I am on a mission. I am not just selling books. I am wanting to get the facts correct regarding what happened to Jesus' soul/spirit between His death and resurrection. In this Easter season you and I will be remembering Christ's passion more that all year long. Some of the things we have been told since childhood are not quite right. Jesus deserves better. The truth!  Thanks for listening. Hey, look who endorsed my book at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention where I secured many radio and TV interviews.   

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